September 19th, the Great Holiday


And being a fool I left my eyepatch at the university and am not going to go get it, not when it’s a Saturday. At least I walk all peg-leggedy because of an ill-fitting pair of new shoes. (The patch is one half of a set that also includes a spectacularly fake-looking small moustache. I keep it in my room just in case I need to sneak out without the advisor noticing.)

(Haven’t had such a need yet, but doesn’t hurt to be prepared.)

Also, arrr matey, I got me some Spanish pieces of eight from galley-slave work, showing the ropes to the first-year landlubbers at them TA job, ahoy. Regular bosun, me. Babbling like a parrot I’m at them, keelhaul me if I lie, I chanty and I teach them betarrrr ways to calculate. Shiver me timbers, I do.

Them rats say this be the only day of the year when you can, arrr, talk like a pirate, avast! and not be entirely insane, insaner than a Tortugas sailmaker, and I arrr-dently feel a two days of this and I’d be insane, sailless in the topmast, forevarrr.

Edit, latarrr the same day: The good excellent folks at Mobileread have a collection of free pirate-themed e-books up. Hoist the mailsails, topple the masts, drop the anchors and a-sail that way!

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