Well, as I momentarily cannot think of anything to say… wait. Would that be blogstipation? Blogger’s block? Bloggo blowout? Going unpostal? White box fever? Bletrification — as in “blog petrification”, turning to stone and changing no more?

Well, as I cannot think of anything else, a few pictures courtesy of my Sony-Ericsson’s camera. Since I’ve resized these way down you can’t see how awful their original resolution was. (Also, yes, a Finn with a non-Nokia phone. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone or they’ll stone me.)

Glowy thingieThe first, to the right… well, it looks like either the Eldritch Atheist Idol, or then some physics experiment that’s going to go terribly wrong. Wrong in a way that cannot be fixed except by the equally reality-bending application of stunningly awful sciwoo exposition and highly implausible action scenes. But no, neither of those — I’m a mathematician, not a physicist, and the EAI is red, not green. Just those cylinder-and-ball magnetic playthings; a variety that glows in the dark for a bit after you off the lights.

Must be the radium in it.

Money money moneyNext — and I really apologize for the quality — a slip of paper, telling what doing mathematics while sipping soft drinks does: After a winter, you notice there’s this giant plastic trash bag full of empty plastic bottles, and when you’re done pushing them into the return machine, it vomits out a slip for 19.60 e, or 98 times 0.20 e per bottle. I’ve done this kind of a return several times; usually the machine starts to emit agonized noises around the fifty-bottle mark, and a salesperson has to go, sweep the glut of plastic away and push reset. Once this happened twice; they were surprisingly nonchalant about it.

Please note: soft drinks. Alcohol and maths don’t mix; or, if you drink, don’t derive.

(That’s the Second Main Rule of Mathematics. The First is “Never trust anything derived after midnight.” The Third, “Dream proofs don’t work in real life.”)

GlasseyesA random doodle, next. Your stereotypical idea of what maths students should look like.

Well, no. (First, I’ve never seen any girl in a top with an epsilon printed on it; if I did, I might just fall in love that instant.)

There’s something in the glasses, though. After one department research seminar I realized that there had been thirteen people present, and all had been beglassed. Apparently maths is one more thing that will make you blind.

Well, in closing one more image: drawn in the times before we knew the title of the last Harry Potter book. I had this sudden flash of a name that was both hilariously inappropriate, and totally keeping with the feel of the previous titles — but ah, it was not to be.HP7... or not.(At least 21% of my motivation for including this last image is the faint hope it’ll inspire some atrocious bit of fanfic. “We have a new Potions teacher, class.” “It rubs the lotion on its skin.”)

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