New observance days

  • International “Contour integration? Just say no!” Day
  • International Home Burial Day (“It was simple, officer. Can’t celebrate if we don’t have anyone to bury. And she looks so peaceful there between the TV and the bookshelf. And the kids love her.”)
  • The Day to Legalize Consensual Cannibalism
  • Death To Haters Day
  • National Day of Blandness
  • Blunt Object Appreciation Day
  • Festivia Magna Discordia St. Umyearite
  • Erotic Lawn Ornament Touching Day
  • The Day of Glue
  • The International Children Can Fly Day
  • Worst Day Ever
  • Too Tight Clothes Awareness Day
  • Universal Paranoia Day
  • Night Day
  • Defriending Day (“Happy Defriending Day from GARY who wishes you STAY OUT OF MY LIFE YOU CREEP. Hey nonny nonny!”)
  • Granduncle’s Day
  • International Week of Obnoxious Persons
  • Viagra Information Day (formerly E-Mail Appreciation Day)
  • International Day of Nuclear War
  • World Mental Health Elephants Elephants Elephants Day
  • World Day of Remembrance for Victims of Onions
  • Time Day (Part of the International Time Year)
  • National Speak Out Against Nationalism Day
  • Snail Appreciation Day (“WHEREAS, the citizens of this great and godly state do so love the snail… And WHEREAS the snails have been good to this supreme and excellent state, and a great inspiration to its culture, arts, and legislature…”)
  • International Day Without Vegetables
  • World Yogurt-Yurt Confusion Clarification Day
  • the Day the Gradients Came
  • Human-Cow Relations Day
  • World Day for the Eradication of Pants
  • International Charles Stross For Inhuman Dictator of Scotland For Life Day
  • No Day

Okay, I lost. World Rabies Day (Sep 28) and World Toilet Day (Nov 19)?

The first slogans with “Working together to make rabies history!”, which sounds like a go for “Most infections in a 24-hour period”.

The slogans of the second, I don’t even dare to look for. (“Straining together for a better future”, maybe? Or “Give A Crap”? Or “World Toilet Day — this year our collective excrement rains on… Ireland!”)

2 Responses to “New observance days”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Hi there,
    We at the World Toilet Organization are delighted to have been mentioned!

    We realize World Toilet Day does sound strange, but there are actually some really major incentives to raising awareness for sanitation.

    Like…did you know that 18 million (mostly children) die every year because of lack of sanitation? That’s 5,000 dying every single day.

    Can you help us get the word out? We’ve just launched a new website and we are busy at work planning events all around the world to bring attention to this cause:

    Or you can join us on Facebook here:

    Thanks again for including us!

  2. masksoferis Says:

    Jenny: You’re doing good and very important work; and rest assured, all my words were good-natured.

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