Good girls go to heaven

Some say being an atheist makes religion-inspired music lose its flavor; maybe to some, but surely not to all. I don’t know, since religion-inspired music tends to be old enough to be classical, and beyond the Bach organ test track (Toccata & Fugue in D minor, BWV 565, “By the end, either you know you gots a good organ, or it’s a smoking ruin!“) I don’t have the patience for it.

Well, some music is made better by the lack of theistic belief, because you can really overread the casual blasphemy in it. Below (youtube) is Pandora’s Box (Jim Steinman’s girl band) doing “Good Girls Go To Heaven”, whose atheist-tickling part comes from the second part of that refrain.

If you like this kind of melodramatic stuff, hunt down the sole Pandora’s Box CD, Original Sin, released in 1989. It’s worth it; even the tunes more often heard as done by Meat Loaf sound awesomely different and impressing when the vocalist is of different sex. (And speaking of tunes you’d like to play over the PA at a Baptist convention, how about the version of Original Sin from that same disc?)

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