Just asking

How come “purity balls” sound so much like a sex toy?

How come I get this urge now and then to print a few hundred pages of random lolzy and snarky internet scrawls and bury them in the forest for the future — not to enlighten, but to puzzle the living daylights out of the archaeologists of the possible postapocalyptic tomorrow? (“Cheezburger was their god of thunder.”)

How come I, a highly evolved creature, still have mornings when I think “Hey, cock and pussy are both animals!” and it seems like an important insight?

Come to think of it, that last one could function as a very, very bad joke in a pet-related context; say a man with a pet rooster walks to a woman who’s holding a cat on her arms, and says… well, you can guess. Two simple declarative sentences, a slap, an injured comment of “Don’t show it if you don’t want it commented on!”, followed by a holocaust.

Also, how come I post posts like this?

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