But what if I’m giving people ideas?

I have this post called “You and your PhD advisor“; it’s one that I think works pretty well (serious stuff, it ain’t), and it gets plenty of hits. I’ve thought they’re from troubled graduate students; but today one hit came through for “how to be a good phd advisor?”; and now I’m frankly horrified that I’m giving ideas to the other side.

This kind of ideas. And for the rest, see the post.

52-57 : Fund-a-mentalist (“Ah yes, you… I have funding for you from the Imperial Zoo of Hamburg. The cage arrives tomorrow.”)

58 : Tinfoil man (Has an irrational fear of cellphones and computers. Communicates by slips of paper thrust under his office door. Attends official functions in a tinfoil suit.)

59-61 : Technohazard (He enters your room and your thesis is replaced by the Blue Screen of Death. If you don’t use Windows, a hamster runs in instead, dives inside your machine and spontaneously combusts. Then he asks: “Any new developments?”)

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