Numbers stations

Listen to Dunning tell what they are; then go listen to quite some samples of some.

It’s one of those days when you think you’ll post a Youtube video of a good song, and find Youtube doesn’t happen to have it; you try to write a witty mathematical post and find there’s nothing in the intracranial depths except an echoing emptiness where your knowledge of probabilities used to be; and you tinker with a old draft of a post, and find it’s still flippant where it should be serious, and serious where it should flip and flop, and it generally just lies there like a dead fish.

And then you basically write a one-sentence post consisting of two links, and whine, piss and moan about the unspeakably unique hardness of your lot so the post don’t look so indecently short. And then you write about what you just wrote, trying to look all meta and deep, but instead get trapped in a Hofstadterian spiral of increasingly absurd self-reference, with no escape except hitting “Publish” and going to get a stiff cola drink.

One Response to “Numbers stations”

  1. Iason Ouabache Says:

    That happens to be one of my all-time favorite episodes of Skeptoid. I’ve always found Number Stations to be extremely creepy. Especially the ones that include nursery rhymes. I remember accidentally finding one when I was playing around with my radio as a child and being fascinated with them for awhile.

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