Cosmos odyssey, pt. 2

Well, it seems things work like this.

  • You do something risky, stay quiet as it resolves: Success!
  • You do something risky, and blab about how nice success would be: Failure!
  • You do something risky, and blab about how nice success would be, but note how this means you’re going to fail miserably: Success!

One wonders if the pattern above can be extended.

Oh, and the reason for this is that, as told previously, on Monday I placed an order for a DVD set of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos on, and performed the rites according to the third option above; on Tuesday they told the package was in the mail; today (Friday) I first noticed there’s a mail strike in England, and then got back to das Haus and found the package had come with the post.


If no more posts for a while, wait 13 hours and re-check; should have finished the set in that time, supposing I do get sucked in. (Sleep? Sleep is for the weak.*)

* : Freudian slip; first wrote “Sleep is for the week”, but that’s not what a graduate student does in his office; no, not at all. And you don’t have any evidence, sir, so I deeply resent the allegation! (If you happen to have evidence, I blame the society. And I’ve mended my ways and given a donation to the relevant charity! Oh, it is horrible, horrible, horrible what I’ve done!)

(The relevant charity? “The Society for Keeping Graduate Students from Dozing (SfKGSfD)” — I imagine sharp-eyed professors with sharp pointy sticks.)

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