Logo talk

There’s one thing that should be that still isn’t.

An unabridged audiobook version of the Illuminatus! trilogy.

Just sayin’.

* * *

And here’s a logo:

MOE sketch(Came out of sketching — turns out you can churn out a whole lot of designs and variations from just the titular letters M, O and E, especially when you note that many variants of M and E are just ninety degrees (pi over two radians?) away from each other; and when you then start to add other elements, well —

Elaborate MOE sketch

— well, things escalate. Decided to ditch this avenue of illustration when one particular creeping thought-line intruded.)

(“Well, Masks of Eris, okay — Eris is the name of a female goddess of chaos. I’m not female, but so what — I’m not Greek either. Or a goddess. (Yuch, the day someone calls one as rotund, hairy and male as I a goddess without giggles I’ve either met my match or found a perfect peculiar enough person to love.) Or am not a god, either. Thought my brother called me a demigod of mathematics; wonder how that ranks compared to a goddess of chaos, Greek or otherwise. And name-wise, surely people discern that the mention of a person or a character in a longer name does not suggest self-identification with that; say Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub, or Holford Watch, don’t hint the persons behind them are rotund presidentine characters or medical duckies. And as for why Masks of Eris, maybe I blame a conjunction of a thought of Eris-Loki-Anansi-Coyote as the most likely (that is, not at all likely) god of all given mankind’s follies, and the state of recently having read Masks of Illuminati, which was a good one, but as a title was a) already a taken spot of name-space and b) sounded like the work of someone who thinks his postman is Richard Nixon is a reptilian alien in disguise in disguise out to poison him by focusing mental waves on his fillings. Graah, should I have gone with ‘Blind Pitiless Indifference’ instead? Probably not; not a good idea to a) again, claim an already taken spot of name space, and b) to take something unoriginal to be the title of your (hopefully) a bit original scribbles. But what about ‘You’re Here, You’re Finnished’? Then again (and recircling to the original thought), who cares what people think my sex is? The about page has a picture, and if people have doubts after that, well, I’m as willing to be taken as a crossdresser (cross-bearder?) than as a man. Doesn’t bother me; and doesn’t bother me it doesn’t bother me; though I’m still undecided about the next level; and isn’t this a particularly disturbing example of a stream of consciousness narrative — imagine having things like this going through your head every waking moment.” That one. There’s such a thing as reading too much into things.)

Oh, and for more pictures you can always go to look at Lemmata.

3 Responses to “Logo talk”

  1. Akheloios Says:

    There is one, at least there is on Audible in the UK. Plus, Book I is narated/acted by Ken Cambell, the guy who created the 9 hour stage adaptation in Liverpool, UK. Book II doesn’t appear to be narated by him though, and I’ve not reached Book III yet. So Book I and II are a bit different in tone to each other, which, considering the source material, may be apt.

    Hail Eris!

    You have my email via the sign in if you want more info.

  2. Iason Ouabache Says:

    Oh, I see that Akhelois has already beaten me to the punch. Deepleaf Audio did an audiobook version but I have no idea if it is unabridged or not. (I wasn’t following along with my paper copy as I was listening). It is an alright version but I didn’t like the voice actors. I’d love to see someone else try to tackle it at some point. It would be awesome if they got a cast of about 3 or 4 people with good voices to do it and release it episodically as a podcast. Someone Else needs to hop right on that.

    I like the logo, btw.

  3. Audible! « Masks of Eris Says:

    […] then I was proved wrong: Deepleaf Productions had done an unabridged version of the trilogy, and that same version was on […]

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