A recommendation: 7th Son, Descent

J. C. Hutchins is a nice guy, a writer. His 7th Son: Descent is a good book, the first of a trilogy. It’s out today — and the reason I drop this heavy-handed hint (hint, hint; poke, poke) is that I know it to be good, smart and entertaining and surprising and quite cliffhangering, and with one of the best first lines I know; and this I know because it was originally podcast as a free audiobook by Hutchins himself, and it was the book that convinced me that such a thing could actually work. (“Why, an audiobook for free? And author-read? Why, my monocle! This does not sound so… wait, where did the last three hours go? And why’s the next episode still loading; I cannot wait!”)

So, dear random reader: I most highly recommend. Amazon beckons. And the plug ceases.

(Oh, and the first line? “The president of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy.”)

(And don’t take my word for it; be as Dunning says, go to Hutchins’s site, and take a glance at the text, or the sound, of the thing.)

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