Dear empty heavens, I’m a horrible person.

Was going through Audible’s selection of audiobooks, and came across a title by Stephen Hawking.

Thought: “Read by author?”

* * *

And, later, still going through what Audible has to offer, found they have George Carlin’s CDs for something like four pounds each (downside: no feckin’ track division; none); I hope this explains my brevity, as there are a few of the older ones I haven’t heard, and this, listening to St. Carlin, is the one supreme human urge that cannot be bypassed or denied.

As ending with a Youtube video of him would be too easy, here’s music from a movie instead: Tina Turner and We Don’t Need Another Hero.

(But we do need another Mad Max movie — and having checked before speaking, that might be so.)

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