Earlier this week, after one more busy day of looking all academic and such, left the university and went to the city center to buy socks. The shop lady being pretty and persuasive, I bought ten pairs.

Then on the trusty bicycle, and squeak-squeak towards the place where I live, with a stop at the shop closest to that to (leaving the socks in a locker) buy something to cook. (Er, microwave. My cooking is on the “No diarrhea? No problem!” level usually; on the Akane Tendo level, if that rings a bell.)

Then to the dread apartment. A piece of paper told the postman had visited, and had been unable to jam a package through the mail slot; nice he hadn’t forced the matter; not so nice that this meant more cycling around.

So squeak-click-click-whirr the bike went back and to the post office; and the package was received. (And left in a locker for a while as I checked the magazine rack, and found a new volume of Bleach. One could ask why I buy it in Finnish when I’m 25 or some volumes ahead in the English translation; but something so sweet is worth paying for twice, if for nothing else then for seeing how different languages and translators juggle the Japanese original. Or maybe it’s just abysmal impulse control; could be that, too.)

Then back to the apartment, full of anticipation for the package’s contents — namely, a copy of “Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics“, of whose contents the work of Randall Munroe of xkcd would not be the most curious one. (Brief review based on the first fifty or so pages: half is wonderful, beautiful, and/or clever stuff; half is hateful, vacuous pap where the mathematics is as deep and as integral as the smile of a used car salesman.)

And, as I got back home and peeled off the heavy-duty outside-wear extreme trousers, there was the jingling noise of something falling out of a back pocket.

Oh, great. The key of the socks’ storage locker.

Squeak-curse-squeak-grumble; then back with the socks.

Best of all, during this odyssey I’d managed to walk around with the locker key, momentary even having a second key in the other back pocket… and I hadn’t noticed a thing.

I must become a mathematician; this practical real-life stuff is utterly beyond me.

Or I’ll just blame listening to a podcast of a Call of Cthulhu RPG game; went through a good two-hour chunk of that going through the moves above. (No end in sight; each episode is some 2 hours, and there are over thirty of them in this game alone; that translates to a buttload of time, metric.)

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