Lovecraft, for real

Mentioned Lord of A Visible World yesterday; and soon after came across a passage of so-Lovercraft-it’s-a-parody-of-Lovecraft in it, in a letter where L. is somewhat maniacally describing shopping for a suit, and not succeeding:

Well — having exhausted Brooklyn, I descended to the depths, and took the subway for the 14th St – 7th Ave. colony. Pegana, what a gauntlet to run! Indescribable scum pulling one into holes in the wall where flamboyant monstrosities ululate their impossibility beneath price-cards of $4.95, $7.50, $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $17.00, $18.00… puffy rat-eyed vermin hurling taunts when one does not buy and airing spleen in dialects so mercifully broken that white men can’t understand them… crazinesses in cloth hanging in fantastic attitudes and displaying unheard-of anomalies — before Heaven I vow that despite the horrors I’ve seen on people, I never saw the like of these fungous freaks off people! Perhaps the human form inside a suit fills it out to some semblance of Nature — certainly these empty nightmares swinging in the winds like gallows-birds had nothing of Nature in them!

What I wouldn’t give for “Your Movie Sucks“, written by Lovecraft instead of Roger Ebert. (Oh, the quote is off p. 160 of the hardback edition.)

* * *

Meanwhile, NaNoWriMo 2009 is at 6025 words of the minimum of 50 000; not too shabby after 2 days of the 30 available. For some reason the anticipation seems to be getting worse, but the execution keeps getting easier. (And it’s in Finnish, so so much for samples.)

Well, the subject helps, too: it’s a tale of something creepy happening in a sprawling university, probably something involving things that go bump in the night and are worse than Prof. Hoary yet again failing to find the light switch.

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