Darkness builds up in her mind

And now, for some good Finnish heavy metal: Kiuas (strangely enough, that means “sauna stove”) with Warrior Soul:

Can’t say I don’t immensely adore the over-the-top romantic Finnish attitude to life in the lyrics —

But darkness builds up in her mind
As a cold breeze moves across the sky
In battle sworn to die
She unsheathes the blade with fire in her eyes

Warrior soul blazes through the land of frost and snow
Her pagan heart and flesh built to endure the cold
Warrior soul to the death against all foes she fights
She’s born under the northern lights

In the dark we must find our own way
Though we know the winding path leads to the grave
Still battles left to fight
We must keep our pride until the end of time

— and if you look at this while listening to the video above, please note this quotes the second iteration of a very similar passage.

(The kind person that uploaded it into Youtube also included the full lyrics there.)

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