It’s a good evening round here; it’s dropping light, big snowflakes in great quantities, and thanks to shadows cast by the streetlights above it seems like an equal silent storm, though black and horizontal, not vertical, is sweeping under your wheels.

Don’t have the skill to capture that effect, though, so here’s just a snowy yard.

A snowy, dark Finnish evening

Also, NaNoWriMo is at 22 510/50 000 words after 9 out of 30 days of writing — all’s well, except for some reason half my cast suddenly decided that instead of “Grudge in a University” the novel should instead be about “Black-robed math professors chanting ‘Euler Euler Euler'” — oh dear. (Well, my protagonist isn’t very happy about it either. He didn’t take seeing his thesis advisor occupying one tip of a floor-drawn pentagram very well. I think the next chapter will have some gibbering in it.)

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