Why, nothing here today

Quite absorbed in NaNoWriMo work today. (Oh, academic work too. Quite so. Yes, yes. Hello advisor.)

(“Hello advisor”? Can’t shake the unholy union of “Hello Kitty” and “Hello sailor!” that evoked. Good thing he doesn’t read this.)

Anyway, while I’m novelling, you can go read Head Trip, a webcomic I discovered a few days ago; the link is to one strip I found particularly enjoyable and easy to relate to. Any skeptic would.

(And the discovery of that comic illustrates my optimistic theory that the Internet is a sieve — much of the content is crap, that is true, but the less valuable things get sloughed away when you shake that thing. And yecch, that wasn’t the most nice-image-evoking phrase ever written, but something of the atmosphere of my double-weird NaNoWriMo story lingers. Weird once for seeking to imitate some aspects of Lovecraft; weird twice for being like the stuff I spew here; see “First post” for an example.)

And now I’m off to watch some Mock the Week courtesy of Youtube, then to read a new volume of the Finnish translation of Kiyohiko Azuma’s Yotsuba&!, and I actually didn’t typo there, it’s spelled that way. Have diverse interests, y’all.

(Meanwhile, I’ll rest easily on the horns of “Am I propagating awareness of things I enjoy and think others would as well, or am I being a show-off? And, more important than that, what am I appearing to be? And why am I writing this when I actually don’t much care about these matters — am I again mentioning an interesting consideration, or again showing off? Curse you, Douglas Hofstadter!”)

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