This disturbs me more than it should

For the search string “Terrorizing Tentaclopod” (without the quotes), Google gives exactly one hit; a stray comment of mine on Pharyngula where it struck me what a wonderful name for an Ubuntu release that would be. (Wonderful for certain ranges of personal aesthetics, that is; us Darth Vader cheerleaders and similar types.)

For some reason one seems like a number of hits that no combination of two (semi-)words without quotes should have; zero, yes, or a few hundreds, or thousands and thousands; but one seems wrong somehow.

Then again, maybe it’s just that I made up a word: the semi-word “tentaclopod” alone gets only two hits, and the second is in a list of “parked” domain names. The list also contains “” and “”, and a host of similarly more or less openly adult-oriented addresses; some of then along with a fistful of (apparently) intentionally misspelled (!) alternatives.

But hey, “” and “”; oh, the thoughts those call up! Can’t even say which I’d visit first if they were actual sites. And here’s a fun exercise — it is obvious what those sites would be if they were adult entertainment. What if they weren’t?

A DIY site (the pictures, one cannot unsee) and a body modification singularity fan manga commune?

Not to knock the Tentacle Rapture idea — if a singularity came along I’d be among the first in line to get a few tentacles. (Er, installed. Not inserted. Because two hands aren’t enough, you know. (Still talking about body mods, you cad. Also, ewww.) I’d wait and think for a while before joining the tentacle-insertion line.)

So: just one hit; feels wrong somehow despite having the fully rational explanation of a fool Finn using a made-up word.

Then again, shortly after I hit “Publish” there will be two hits at least; a very minor variant of what happens every time xkcd includes a Googleable string. (Worse still, anything that is said to get no Google hits at all. Wait five minutes and boom! 50 000 hits for it.) One could mangle some semblance of highly fashionable physics to formulate the idea, namely that “you cannot observe (on a blog) without influencing the observed (the net in which the blog is)”, or something like that.

Oh, and also this:

tentaclopod (n., usu. joc. and allit.) from “tentacle + cephalopod”: any outlandish creature with cephalopod-like (squid, cuttlefish, octopus) features such as suckers, tentacles and terrible all-seeing eyes. “Taut tentaclopod things twisted, turned, tumbled, tessellated the tremulous tenebrosity; their terror tore through the tark teeps.”

Have at you, Webster’s!

One Response to “This disturbs me more than it should”

  1. Carl Says:

    Check out — there’s a whole community of people finding two-word google queries with exactly one result.

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