A few hours ago I was tinkering with this blog, when something weird happened: the main page showed only the post before this; and below that, only posts from the previous second days of a month, November 2nd, October 2nd, and so on. Above the topmost post there was a text, something like “Archive for December 2, 2009”, which the main page should not have; and when I, full of nameless dread, flailed around for a few minutes — and for a few minutes those posts were the only ones that were visible in either the main page or the blog-innard “edit posts” menu — well, I flailed around for a few minutes, increasingly panicky; and then all went back to normal.

Not something that has happened ever before, as far as I’ve noticed; but wouldn’t still be anything to write about, if (I guess; I noticed this only just now) at the same time much the same hadn’t apparently happened over at John Scalzi’s blog (see comments 19–21); the crucial similarity here is it runs on, too, though on the VIP version.

Peculiar indeedy. I myself suspect this was a harmless glitch somewhere; maybe the good people of WordPress turning the snow on, or something. But if the next time you come over here this all has been replaced by a wall of flame, well.

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