Finnee doodle

Quite tired after a lot of scanner and amateur photoeditor-wrangling, but Lemmata — that sort-of comic strip (webcomic?) of mine — is now stocked with daily horror to the beginning of February.

All kinds of academic events are ahead; those of graduate students —

And those of lofty lecturer-kind —

— and those of other similar types, including students too uncouth to be shown here.

But since being all academic during the holiday-time would simply not do, and since I need an excuse, from the 20th of December to the 2nd of January I’ll drop something else daily there; a slightly different comic with the tagline of “Not academic at all”.

No, it will not be about computer games. There are too many of those, and I don’t know enough. (Note to self: Has anyone done a (Z)Angband comic? Could call it “Adventures of a Quylthulg”.)

No, neither will it be a comic adaptation of a proof of the infinitude of primes, starring a graduate student and the spirit of Paul Erdös in a weasel. I said it wouldn’t be your average academic grind, didn’t I? (Though proofs of that would be something I could do again and again, since there are many; and even more if I chose to prove the the Pythagorean theorem (a “regular” student and the spirit of Stan Ulam in a raccoon) instead.)

No, it won’t be a fusion of Lovecraft’s “The Statement of Randolph Carter” and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, titled “Beat It, Carter”; though I may have to remember that one.

It won’t even have any boobs, unless the two main characters count. One is a slightly academic person (a-ha!); the other is a space alien.

Meanwhile, there are 109+n comics for your view over at Lemmata, where n is the number of days since today. The new one drops at midday, Finnish time, every day, until I run out of ideas and scantime.

(Feels almost incestuous to mention one’s other “blog” over at the first, but one has to blather about what one has. Oh well.)

Edit, 10 minutes later: Should always google before assuming. An Angband comic exists… but it ain’t named “Adventures of a Quylthulg”, so my idea remains “valid”.

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