Prime title

Happened to do a bit of juggling with prime numbers today; doing that happened to rough-guess that the largest prime known today (2^{43112609}-1, round 13 million digits, discovered August 2008) would take some 1300 A4 pages to print out if one didn’t go crazy mad with the font size.

“Going crazy mad” is here supposed to exclude near margin-to-margin 7.5-point Courier New, which puts 10 000 digits to a page.

Come to think of it, one could probably shrink the font size still, and cut the number of needed pages down to seven, nine hundred or so.

Feck, I’m half certain there’s a POD book on Amazon or Lulu that’s a one-page prefatory note and then 1000 pages of one single prime printed out digit by digit, starting with 3164, and ending much later with 2511.

Double feck, if there’s no such thing I’m half of the mind to reserve an evening in January to do it, order a copy for myself, and leave it up for sale on Lulu. (“I thought it would be a novel!”) Would look exquisitely ominous on one’s bookshelf.

“Hey, what’s this book called 2^{43112609}-1 about?”

“Just what the title says.”

3 Responses to “Prime title”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    If you do this, can you send my wife a review copy?

  2. masksoferis Says:

    Why, sure; though I would insist on a review.

  3. CogitoErgoCogitoSum Says:

    That is funny. Id want to buy that book. I wouldnt ever read it though. Which hardly makes it unique in my library.

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