Lama of unknown origin

(If you continue reading this past the first sentence below, well, I think you know what is coming. And if this is beyond your understanding, do not google.)

To quote the philosopher Laotze’s older brother, Goatze:

“What is seen, cannot be unseen. When the tapestry of illumination yawns before you, then you shall understand this more fully.”

Why no, I shall not provide a link to Goatze’s home page.

However, I shall give you a scene from a Mongolian monastery.

And warn you that this is going to get worse.

* * *

“His Holiness the 23rd Rinpoche Goatze Lama, the Inferior Khutukhtu of Khalkha, bids you welcome, o gracious guest.”

“Oh, Mr. Guest, why do you pale so?”

“Oh. That is merely a mural, twenty feet high and one hundred across, that depicts spirits of the previous twenty-two lamas giving their traditional opening-of-the-lotus greeting to the newly reborn Goatze Lama. It, which some call the Reverse Bow of Opening, or the Red Well of Infinite Depth, or the Sacred Heart Viewed From Below, is one of our most holy and most common theological motifs — oh, turn around, gracious guest: there is the Lama himself, already greeting you with the unfolding of the sacred red rear lotus.”

“Gracious guest? Why such a scream? And why are you running away?”

“What, your Holiness? Yes. Yes, I suppose he will run into that place if he keeps running in that direction; there is naught else but merciless desert without a single llamaserai in that direction. Should I alert that place of his arrival, and ask them to prepare their ritual of welcome for him?”

“Very well, your Holiness. I will try if the phone is working.”

“Work, machine! Work in the name of the apparently sacred Reg Lama of Brixton which made you! I abjure, conjure and llure you, you machine! Ha! Hallo? Halloo? Can you hear me?”

“Good! Is this the Nunnery of Two Nuns and One Bowl?”

* * *

Poe’s Law, German philosopher version: “The reality of das Ding bekomes zupreme diffikult to see vhen das Ding an sich ist ein Ding-Dong perzon.”

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