Thief, reaver, slayer, etc.

Am too busy-lazy to write anything today.

Here’s my excuse: an audiobook of The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, the very, very nice first-of-three collection of the original all-Howard Conan stories, audiofied by Tantor Media.

Just in case anyone else is as neurotic about such things as I, the mp3 CDs have no DRM that I can find, and are at 128 kpbs, each story a file or two of its own. The two-CD solution comes to 27 files and round one gig in size. (This is, I guess, the digital version of “the content needs no commentary, but the binding in this instance —” comment that one occasionally finds on Amazon.)

One Response to “Thief, reaver, slayer, etc.”

  1. Akheloios Says:

    Ta very much indeed.

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