2009 revisited

A recap of 2009, my view: wrote a novel, did academical things some 1/100 of mathematicians would understand (on about the eighth Ping of things for the mundanes, third Ping for mathematicians), wrote a considerable quantity of blog posts… and that’s it; below the fold should be, WordPress willing, a list of all posts I’ve written this year. Go see if any title tickles your fancy.

Oh, and Ping is a notation of my own invention. You step one Ping upwards every time you introduce a concept pretty much incomprehensible without the concepts you have already explained; the level you start is that of a reasonably well-informed layman. Assuming you’ve explained integration and functions, the idea of a p-integrable function is a Ping up. Talking to someone over a three-Ping or bigger difference either way is enough to cause persistent headaches. (The rigorous definition of Ping is in the works, and probable to remain so.)

The name Ping comes from the noise emitted by a person’s cranium when he or she realizes the lecturer is four Pings away, rising up the pyramid, and not likely to get any closer.

* * *

(This archives shortcode will probably slip up after my next post, as it is hardcoded to show “the previous 398 posts”, but it’s good for now.)

(Wait, 398 posts? More than one a day? Sheesh, I have too much spare time.)

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