Sello, Finland

One more post for this year; and a sad subject for it. This morning in Espoo, a sort-of suburbia of Helsinki, Finland’s capital, a man with severe problems in his personal relations shot his former girlfriend, four of the woman’s co-employees, and himself. The middle four happened in the shopping mall named above; CNN has more for the international reader. (A Finnish one can’t have avoided hearing about the thing; it’s been the sole subject of news all day.)

I personally have no interest save ghoulish voyerism in the personal affairs of others; but once again I find I am more offended by certain traits of the aftermath — say incomprehension of statistics, meaningless routine condolences, the apparently vast extent of things unthinkable for certain people, the whole panicky security for freedom and appearance of safety thing — than by the shooting itself. Since I see no point in wasting your time with my inconsiderate griping about it, I direct you to an earlier outpouring of mine.

So much for this particular hit in the darker lottery of life, except for one more thing. The shooter was of Eastern European origin, from Kosovo, and it didn’t take too long for the first troglodyte comments against immigrants to appear. Oh how I wish I could rub the noses of certain segments of the populace in the purely all-Finnish statistics of spousal abuse and slaying; people are people everywhere, and united in the disgusting underpinning uniformity of their failings.

One Response to “Sello, Finland”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    Yes, quite.

    I love the Finns (and some of the photographs in the news today made me feel homesick – I used to live just to the east of Leppävaara), but in some ways you’re just as fucked up as everyone else.

    Happy 2010!

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