And this is the world we have to live in

Walmart sells all kinds of stuff postal direct.

Now including coffins, caskets and funeral urns. Including models like “Mom Remembered” and “Executive Privilege”. (And “Regal Wide Body”! What next, “H1N1 Family Combo”?)

For some reason they’re not sold in stores, only by post; guess it would have been awkward once kids discovered this new playing field and started hiding inside and spooking the real customers. (Also: “I wanna casket! Mommy! I wanna I wanna I wanna!” — “Tommy, you have three seconds to stop before you really get one.”)

Also urns; but I had to flee after seeing one was (brandname) Adult Urn — I don’t want to know if they have brightly colored Spongebob Squarepants toddler ones too.

(Worse still, brightly colored Spongebob adult ones…)

* * *

There’s a top-level domain for the Soviet Union.

And it’s still accepting registrations.

And speaking of really startling survivals, then there’s the .nz domain… wait, that’s New Zealand. My bad.

* * *

Sources: First mentioned in the latest episode of the Age of Persuasion, on marketing the unpleasant; the other the result of googling “su” to unpuzzle Admin Mourning, the newest xkcd.

Also, for casket-related unusualities, google “Kiss Kasket”. Not that I’m mocking the idea; I’m all for creativity unhindered by notions of conventional good taste or sanity. All for the George Carlin approach, too:

Cemeteries! There’s another idea whose time has passed! Saving all the dead people at one part of the town? What the hell kind of a medieval superstitious religious bullshit idea is that? Plough these motherfuckers up! Plough them into the streams and rivers of America! We need that phosphorus for farming! If we wanna recycle, let’s get serious!

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