Halfpenny futurist

Here’s something I’ve been noticing lately: You wonder about some product or service. You type its name into Google. You follow the links. You read the reviews.

Then you notice the discussion you’ve found is about the topic, but is from 2003 or 2005 or older; relevant then, but useless now.

There’s a limit to this now, since there isn’t much online content, blog or forum or other, that’s more than a decade old. (“Not much” as a fraction of all this tubing, I mean. Why go a decade back and I was already making a home page for myself, I was. Oh the good days when the only faux pas you had to worry about was the use of the blink tag. Harrumph. Hah.)

(Also — and sometimes I find myself thinking WordPress needs pop-up footnotes or something — if some page is from 1995, you can see it. Usually because it has the blink tag all over it. Which could lead to an entire tangent on whether web pages will take some widespread long-lived general form like text-dominant books have, maybe a form that is mostly determined by the whims of the reader, or if eventually you can talk of 2060s webdesign, which is in again this summer, especially the violent violets and iSmell.)

Now, what will this age-of-reviews problem be like when you google for reviews of Company-X’s products in the distant future, and you get hits that complain about the returns service a century ago, and results that say the very exact model you desire is the best thing ever and the supreme of value for money, or rather was so back in your grandfather’s day?

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