Composure, lost

Was watching Cosmos, solemn and serious as one can be, when Carl uttered, utterly without a warning, this bit of exposition:

We’re used to the idea of radio signals from intelligent life — or at least semi-intelligent life… I mean, radio and television stations — but there are all kinds of reasons why natural objects should emit radio waves.

And then he went on.

I hit pause and spent a minute cackling.

Oh, Carl Sagan, a delight that occasionally hits in unforeseen ways. (Whispers, “a still more glorious dawn awaits“.)

(Was around 40:50 mark in episode 4, “Heaven and Hell”. The same episode I thought I heard something about the “desolate and British” tortured landscape of Venus; but it probably was “reddish”.)

One Response to “Composure, lost”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    If Sagan had ever visited Scunthorpe, British would have made perfect sense. A town so bad, even the football team moved out.

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