A little something to read: Erisiana

So, in celebration of Festivia Magna Discordia St. Umyearite, which I decree to be a holiday taking place today, here’s a little something for you to read.

Actually, here’s a bigger link:


(pdf, 172 pages, 603 kb)

I namely have, despite my atheism, for a long time felt that it would be really, really interesting to write a holy book — so I did.

As it turned out to be a Discordian holy book, this discord only enhanced the end result. Most of the content is reworked off this blog, but unless you’ve read all 2 1/2 years of it, you haven’t seen most of it; and it’s a holy book in the “Discordian tradition”, which largely is that you throw everything you can get your hands on at a wall, and you scrape what sticks between the covers and add a few barbs and the best mind traps you can find.

The title, Erisiana, means “on matters related to Eris, sweet Discordia, the Grecian and Universal Goddess of Discord and Chaos (part-time)”; the second-best name candidate was HEROSTRATUS WAS HERE; and yeah, that second title should be warning enough about the contents. (As if reading this blog isn’t warning enough. There won’t be any begets inside — that’ll have to wait until a possible second version.)

And since Paul and Mohammed and Smith and similar characters don’t usually comment on this aspect of the creative process, why, yes, it was very enjoyable to write a holy book.

I may even do it again sometime.

Maybe something more formal, with verse divisions and yea verilys and all. A King Gozer Bible, the Zuul edition, maybe. A really holy-booky holy book.

(And why, if you’ve noticed I haven’t posted much over the last week or two, well, I’ve been tinkering with this particular beast.)

6 Responses to “A little something to read: Erisiana”

  1. Bob O'H Says:

    I’ve now decided I will convert to Accordionism. Sorry.

  2. masksoferis Says:

    Well, that’s terrible to hear.

    The accordions, I mean. Terrible racket. Terrible.

  3. Iason Ouabache Says:

    Very nice. I hope you don’t mind that I uploaded this to Scribd. I have a habit of collecting some of the more obscure Discordian texts on there:

    Also, I will try to do a blog post on this after I’ve given it a through read through. I’m sure there are other Discordians that will want to read it.

  4. Herbertina Merrique V Says:

    Awesome! I didn’t have the time to read the entire book right away, but so far, it seems pretty cool. Each new Holy Book written by insane Disco spags is a small piece of win in the ocean of fail known as mankind!

    P.S. Missäpäin Suomea asustelet? Diskopallot rullaatirullaa joka suunnasta nykyisin huii.

  5. masksoferis Says:

    Iason: No, I don’t mind at all.

    Herbertina: Täällä itäisissä osissa. (To non-Finnish-speakers: Nothing ominous and dreadful was just said.)

  6. Herbertina Merrique V Says:

    Mitäs mitä, niin iä Shub-Niggurath iä iä minäkin Sss’haa. Ollaankohan me R’lyeh sama ihminen/shoggoth? (Yes, we are simply discussing the weather. It’s been terribly cold in Finland lately.)

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