This is Finland

A bank robbery in Vaajakoski, Finland, today.

The robber’s weapon of choice? A crossbow.

A crossbow.

Sorry; I can’t add anything to that.

Well, except that there is some trouble over identity; the robber was dressed in a way that made the police unsure of whether they’re dealing with a he or a she. Consider this a possible crossdressing crossbow bank robber if you so will.

A crossdressing, crossbow-wielding bank robber.

That I can’t add anything to. (…and due to lack of money, feeling quite cross?)

According to a news sidebar, in the prior crossbow-related crime history of Finland — mostly a period that ended c. 1750 — in 1994 a disgruntled conscript used a crossbow — not army issue, I suppose — to kill two people while on a leave. That must be among the more unexpected ways to go. (“Oh, that’s just awful. How did he die?”)

(Oh, and for linguistic understanding: a crossbow is in Finnish either jalkajousi, a “foot-bow”, because many models have a loop for your foot to ease pulling the string back, or varsijousi, a “bow with a stock”, which is self-explanatory.)

(Yle; in Finnish)

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