Five songs I really, really like

Well, here’s a lazy one. Links go to various videos on Youtube, none of them by Rick Astley.

  • Curse of Feanor, by Blind Guardian. Lo in the ancient days of high school this was among the first, if not the first piece of heavy metal I noticed. Said noticing led to a bit of gaping, then into asking the music-playing classmate if he could tell if there was, like, more of this metal stuff, and if I needed to sell a little brother or two into Egyptian slavery to get some; then into buying the album (“Nightfall in Middle-Earth”; a theme album about the Silmarillion; no brothers spent) and listening to it pretty nonstop for the next two or three months. And that was the beginning. (…and that’s how metal got me.)
  • Blood Red Skies, by Judas Priest. If you ask me (people usually don’t), songs are usually better if they are stories, instances, examples, rather than vague generalities. Thus cybernetic heartbeat, digital precise; pneumatic fingers nearly had me in their vice. That’s the kind of specificity that really puts fire into your blood. If I had a pair of waterproof speakers, taking a shower would be too much of a temptation. Enough said. (“So I was using a shampoo bottle as an air guitar and uh the shower curtain got tangled and — just cut it away and stop asking questions.”)
  • Always Will Be, by Hammerfall. Seems most metal bands will break and do something soft and sweet now and then. Hammerfall, a cadre of boisterous Swedes, did so with this one, and I think the end result is soft and sweet and nice indeed. (The video, ehhh.)
  • Zwitter, by Rammstein. The usual gloss on this song is that it’s about narcissism, but I much rather take the literal approach: it’s about a, erm, a really self-sufficient hermaphrodite. And, if you ask me, there are entirely too few songs about hermaphrodites. (Also, wenn die anderen Mädchen suchten, konnt ich mich schon selbst befruchten, or “When the others searched for girls, I could already fertilize myself”. If that’s not brilliance in lyrics I don’t know what is. (“Feck, you really don’t”, the reader sighs.)
  • Charisma, by W.A.S.P.. (Aaargh punctuation.) This one gives a nice thrill of recognition — it’s almost like an anthem for the non-soggy half of religion. (The difference between the halves is the non-soggy ones want to bash your head in; the soggies want to talk sweet nothings to you until your brain atrophies into a vacuum and your cranium implodes.) (Was going to make a crack about how the person that’d put up the video had tried to get more hits by adding the unrelated tag “Obama”; then investigated a bit further and noticed it indeedy was again that hysteric fringe of politics. Feh.)

And since this is so easy, here’s a supplementary free extra bonus gift of something non-metal:

  • Fukuzatsu Na Ryouomoi, or Complex Two Hearts (or something like that), by DoCo. Yes, a Japanese pop song sung by an in-character band formed by the major female voice actors of the Ranma 1/2 anime. I make no apologies. (Really. I don’t. Stop looking at me like that!) (Temporary insanity! Yes! That is my plea for liking this song so!) (Er, and the video seems to be made out of a two-minute videoclip and the full six-plus minutes of the song, with eventually obvious results.)

And in closing let me say that I fought, fought with each link I added the increasingly immense temptation to have that one be a link to Astley.

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