A milestone

And the control panel says:

“Akismet has protected your site from 10,035 spam comments already.”

That’s a milestone of some kind, I guess. And for it I have to thank kind people like mysterious Mr. Service Master, who once upon time dropped by to give these kind words of advice:

unvirulent pettifogging spartanize semitubular charonic tooler bitesheep grooveless

That’s good spam! If I ever need a mantra, that’s it.

(Thought comes to mind that spam of lesser quality — the “I liked this post! Also vague compliments that do not indicate I read this post! Which is awesome!” kind — may have its benefits, too. An unsophisticated blogger will think them genuine — “though I wish they’d give better homepage-links than these crass commercial blog aborts” — and be cheered and uplifted and thus kept afloat; a sophisticated one will not be deceived, but a sophisticated blogger has a realistic view of the comment situation anyway, and will not need such hollow cheering.)

(Wait… did I just say “spam has its good sides” using the same argument some sniffy faitheist atheists use to say religion has its good sides? I feel so dirty.)

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