Not an Olympics watcher

The Vancouver Five-Ring Flesh Games are going on right now, apparently. I wouldn’t know — or won’t admit, anyway — since I don’t see the point of sport as entertainment. Who’s interested in which dope is the fastest in running round a ring?

Or is this one of those nationalism things? Ritualized warfare and hate-of-the-other channeled through yokels in repulsive skintights? Rah, rah, our boys beat the smelly foreigners and this is the only place we’re allowed to say that anymore, what?

Partly I don’t have patience for sport entertainment since it’s so doping-negative and all. Doping’s a trifling thing — what of all the high-altitude training camps, and legal supplements, and years of training and arcane techniques and technologies, and the like? The ancient Greeks used some, and we do more — the sportspersons of today aren’t victors by the virtue of some perceived physical purity translating to moral superiority, but because they dance as close as they can to a pretty arbitrary line, and recruit the best bell curve outliers they can!

It’s a useful talent to be able to see the awful and negative in everything, don’t you agree? Makes griping so much more easier.

If in fifty years I’m more inclined to watch sports — that’d be dementia — and if they have bifurcated to “Classic Olympics” and “Drug Boost Cyborg Leg-Lympics Xtra” by then, I know which I’ll watch: the one where they don’t hold back. Especially if the Cyborg Olympics people have noticed healing is easy and bloodsports draw people in…

* * *

Come to think of it, I said pretty much the same, except with more humor, back in 2007. (My goodness how time flies.)

* * *

Ah, this is just because I’m cranky because the nights of my radio station of choice (Radio Suomi) have been taken over by situation reports of the hijinks of these, to use Bill Hicks’s phrase, pituitary retards.

One Response to “Not an Olympics watcher”

  1. wood plaque Says:

    Hey I wanted to put up some stuff on the Olympics to your blog but I can’t seem to get it up with my web browser is anybody else experiencing the same trouble?

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