Quote for today 28

“Excuse me?” Judge Sn said. “You show up in my courtroom with a petition to turn turn a citizen of a member of the Common Confederation into a meat animal, and you warn me about overreaching? Good fucking gravy. You’re in contempt, counselor. You can pay your thousand CC credits on the way out the door. Now shut the hell up. You’re the dipshit who brought the suit and demanded it get ruled on today, so now you’re going to get a ruling.”

(John Scalzi, the Android’s Dream)

There are many reasons to like John Scalzi’s writing, including beginning the book quoted above with a chapter-long tasteful fart joke, managing to write in a sheep one’d like to have as a girlfriend, coming up with the Church of the Evolved Lamb, and having a minor character of indeterminate gender that apparently every reader genders every which way while never noticing a thing. (As for my ineffably correct opinion, why of course Sam Berlant is a man.)

Then there’s how he writes in this Judge Bufan Nigun Sn, for whose non-traditionally-judgesome behavior no explanation is given, and who doesn’t seem to be doing anything the story’s characters think is unusual. No explanations, no overt notice anything unusual is afoot — a perfect joke. (Unless the US legal system is very much different from what I think it is. Good fucking gravy.)

3 Responses to “Quote for today 28”

  1. the other anonymous Says:

    Gravy and potatoes, sir! As an American myself, I must say: the whole damn court system is made of potatoes!

    Oh, and there are no such things as tasteful fart jokes. Thus, I must conclude that this book you speak of does not actually exist. And since it is listed on a website claiming to sell it, the transitive properties of existence compel me to conclude that Amazon.com does not exist.

    The transitive property is non-inheritable; any claims as to the non-existence of the cyber-space will be met with derision.

  2. masksoferis Says:

    (drops jaw) Golly. Guess this means I accidentally initiated a proof of Internet’s nonexistence.

    There has to be a mathematical paper in this.

  3. the other anonymous Says:

    Theses are also non-inheritable! Any claims as to a mathematical paper will be met with Double Derision!

    And I capitalized it! Both words!

    (Secretly, I would love to read this paper, if only so I could laugh privately before deriding publicly.)

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