In which I destroy your productivity… twice

TV Tropes is a fascinating place.

Head Trip, xkcd, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Wulff Morgenthaler, Edible Dirt and Subnormality are excellently spiffy and smart comics. As is The Pain if you want something more political. (Or Penny Arcade if you want something game-related and weird.) And SMBC Theater if moving pictures move you better. And Textfiles if you love old things. (Hey, I’m of the generation that’s never lived without computers. “Old things” means the glow of a monochrome screen to me, not a bonfire or a gaslight.)

Also there’s Lemmata if you’re inordinately fond of my feeble maybe jokes — 198 comic-pictures now, and one more every day.

And speaking of (tragi)comedy, what about F*** My Life?

* * *

To finally rip you out of any useful frame of mind, below’s courtesy of Youtube the beginning animation of Chojin Sentai Balatack (wiki), known as bare “Balatack” here in Finland; guaranteed to send shivers of puzzled recall up the spine of people old enough.

“Old enough” means here “children of the eighties-nineties VHS anime” — Balatack was made in Japan 1977, and landed in Finland as a cut and slashed shadow years after that. I think I could cause violent spasms of recall in many a Finn by invoking hoary old names like Candy Candy, Hopeanuoli (Ginga: Naraboshi Gin), Galaxy Express 999 and the like; but you probably have your own bits of childhood nostalgia and these mean nothing to you.

(And now you’ll be caught all day wondering about things you last remembered when you were thirteen; one person’s productivity, utterly gone. Ha-ha!)

Also: Balatack was one of those shows where you wished all the time the bad guys would get a break and win. But they never did. Ginga at least was fun to watch; and Candy Candy, er, well, as I’m not angling for any masculinity points I confess the damned thing made me embarrassingly teary-eyed. Melodrama works on overdrive when you’re thirteen or so.

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