• happy
  • angry
  • sad
  • thoughtful
  • tired
  • teed off
  • impatient
  • sleepy
  • terrified
  • thunderstruck (not literally)
  • gaping (mouth)
  • gaping (hello.jpg)
  • confused
  • sick
  • world-hugging
  • puppy-kicking
  • kitten-drowning
  • black cloud of murder
  • peppy
  • amused
  • disappointed
  • love (unrequited)
  • love (untargeted)
  • love (self)
  • appreciating life
  • dreaming up things
  • full of inspiration
  • lost in a distant land
  • not belonging where i am
  • lost in the shallows
  • at the deep end and waiting for the shark
  • shark-jumping
  • jumpy
  • jittery
  • full of piss and vinegar
  • full of piss and vinegar (literally; it has been a weird day)
  • aimless
  • pantsless (“is too a mood!”)
  • scared pantsless (honestly; i was fully dressed until you walked in)
  • singing along to “It’s Raining Men”
  • singing along to “Thriller”
  • singing along to “One”
  • wondering if screaming would help
  • idealistic
  • realistic (means idealistic)
  • realistic (means cynical)
  • cynical
  • laughing
  • crying
  • laughing and crying
  • laughing, crying, and pissing meself
  • silent as stone and about as warm
  • hooked by a story
  • blazing ahead
  • blazing downwards
  • just impacted Pandaemonium
  • doing the icarus
  • doing the helicopter at the heavens
  • shaking fist at heavens
  • shaking fist at heavens, with the sausage in it
  • huffy
  • steaming
  • boston steamer
  • cachinnating
  • full of a beautiful sight
  • a babbling font of discord
  • alone in the dark
  • a part of the shadows
  • alone and lovin’ it
  • in the company of my own people
  • moody

One wanders over to a Livejournal, notices the mood tags, and wonders. (One also notes there’s an LJ mood called “predatory”, and one wonders what that is supposed to mean. “Why by all means let us meet in this place where there’s no one else, you unknown predatory internet person!”)

One Response to “Moods”

  1. Alecia Says:

    What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious knowledge about unexpected emotions.

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