Too obvious

“You know, the Old Testament really is an ugly book. There’s so much wrath and indiscriminate violence and petty legalism and…”

“Well, it can’t be otherwise.”


“Suppose it was common knowledge that the Bible was altogether perfect, wise and indisputably morally good. Suppose there was no implicit support of slavery, no threats of Hell for those who will not serve, no Amalekite genocide, no summoned bears nor blighted fig trees. Suppose that Bible was so great everyone could read it and reading be certain it was the undiluted word of a good and all-powerful God.”

“Yeah, would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

“Bosh! It would be disastrous! It would reduce God to a kind of supranatural force, a button-pushing print press of unproblematic advice. Everyone would know what God wants, and what’s a barbeque of you! What would that do to moral independence?”


“It would be much too obvious, you see.”

“So you’re saying your God is so God He can’t write a book without making a hash of it?”


* * *

This post: inspired by Ken Miller! (link: Coyne)

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