Three words with examples

Anxiety: What flashes through your mind in the second it takes load, as you realize you’re not all that sure what the site is gonna be.

Derailment: When you’ve heard Tim Minchin’s Angry (feet) so many times that an unrelated utterance of the word “substantiate” and a tiny pause after it makes a voice within whisper: “his dodgy f… fucking claims!” (And then you’ll be haunted by a duck for the rest of the day. Quack!)

Future shock: The thought that you’ve just flicked your fingers a bit and money has flowed to the other side of the globe, triggering a total stranger (the CD Baby… CDBaby? CDbaby… CD-baby… folks) sending you (or so you hope) two George Hrab CDs, and had you wanted, you could have had them digitally that same moment… and the future shock bit is not the ease of this, not that stolid good old medievals would have burned you as a witch for it… but that you would have needed hours and hours to explain them even an inkling of what you just did.

(Checklist: Concepts necessary to do a more-than-handwavy explanation of a CD Baby purchase to a medieval peasant. Banking, personal accounts and credit cards. Electricity (!), electronics, and computers. Internet and home pages. Recorded music; CDs; multiple copies of the same recording, and sale of records. Also, funk, as in something else than the mental state of a medieval peasant forced to listen to explanations of all these. Possibly more.)

(There’s an idea if you need one — take a modern concept of your choice and try to explain it as if to someone medieval. It’s great fun.)

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