In which he possibly insults mathematics and three world religions

The Mathomedan religion was founded c. +610 \pm 20 by the merchant and amateur mathematician Mathomed, who had revelations from a Lemma sent by a Result, which identified itself as being almost everywhere strictly cohomologous to the Ten Numbers of the Pythagoreans and the Crossing Axiom of the Euclideans; but those had been preliminary business, and by [1, Sura 7.1(b)] there was only one Result, and Mathomed was its Prover (qed).

There has been some debate on whether Mathomed wanted an Irrational University Reform (or a \pi-had), and if so, whether those participating in that would get a virgin post with tenure, or just a handful of white raisins.


[1] M. Mathomed. The Korollarum. J. Mecc. Math. Assoc., 6 (634), 1–110.

* * *

Haw haw haw.

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