Thiomersal and various

Mmm, delicious thiomersal. Finally found a conjunction of free time and actually remembering to go, and went and got my state-sponsored free shot of Pandemrix, the deliciously mercury-marinated influenza tonic, today. So far no side effects; my brother, young enough to be in the inoculated-early group, had a day of general shitty feeling and doldrums; but maybe that’s for tomorrow.

The inoculation was so quick — one minute, tops, including a bit of chatter — that I didn’t even remember to ask for “double mercury, and a few pieces of dead pig fetii on the top”. Maybe better that way; doctors may not appreciate that kind of humor.

And here’s a bit of George Hrab for you, topical because through the magic! that is Paypal and associated stuff two CDs of Hrabid goodness all the way from Portland, Oregon dropped in my mailslot today.

I still have trouble, from time to time, thinking that I can actually order something from the other side of the world and get it. Now if I could only get hold of some coffee Le Whif. (“Breathable coffee — because mathematicians’ coffee usage isn’t narcomaniacally drug-approximating enough just yet.”)

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