Wikipedia is down

And I must say, before finding the explanation — see a post on Wikimedia Technical Blog — I had several moments of trembly, dry-mouthed terror.

Maybe because a pessimist is seldom disappointed and it’s so damned easy to think up all kinds of horrible things that might have gone wrong.

Say Decisive Personage #1 converted to Antitechnological Buddhism and decided to kill the project.

Say a flock of wild hamsters overran the Florida Facility and short-circuited everything, and it’ll take the animal control days to rescue the remaining animals.

Say the Chinese threw a fit; or someone snorted a pea up his nose over the pictures of Mohammed; or some legal fool decided a shutdown would be wise until the case brought by John Q. Lunatic is settled; or something like that.

Say Internet-plus-Wikipedia become a thing big and complex enough to wake up and — eh, yes.

Note: Seems the Wikimedia blog host is acting as one suspects when half the world makes a run at it, asking “What and why? And until when?” The answer to the third seems to be, wait about an hour and then the various DNS redirects should restore things back to working order.

Second note: Twitter is really excellent for tracking things like this. And why, Wikipedia has a twitter feed, too, telling what’s going on!

Third note: The blog post linked above says 1) the hamster incident happened over at the European HQ, causing overheating, 2) a fail-safe to switch traffic to the Florida Facility, erm, failed, and as a result 3) DNS resolution for all Wikipedia, for (almost) all users went kablooey, and 4) caching means it’ll take an hour or so before things return back to normal and someone gets to start a Wikipedia article about this.

Final note, later: And so our long international nightmare is over — Wikipedia is back. And what did I do meanwhile to keep my infovorish self sane? Well, the picture below. Don’t ask why hacking it together seemed like a good idea. I don’t want to go looking inside my head too much; it’s dark and scary in there.

Also, sorry, Gainax.

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