Snineties Sfinnish sgame show

Ah, the past, the time when everything seemed simpler. Here’s something from the Nineties, found from Youtube: an episode of Speden Spelit (“Spede’s Sgames”, with an extraneous “s” added with hilarity forethought for maximum distinctiveness and lexicographical irritation), a game show hosted by the legend, the epitome of the Savonian ground of all being, the worthy, folksy, venerable and funny Pertti “Spede” Pasanen (1930–2001).

(Parts two, three, four and five.)

Basically the perfect combination of the very cheap and the very fun. (Possibly also weirdly puzzling and vaguely alarming if you don’t speak Finnish and don’t have any clue what’s going on.)

Note: A sharp-eyed watcher may note the diminutive male participant is Ben Zyskowicz, at the time a member of the Finnish Parliament. I myself can’t imagine, say, a US Senator participating in a game show of any sort (though the idea greatly amuses), which infallibly again shows the metaphysical superiority of Finland, rah rah rah.

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