Eve day

Today’s a nice and special day, for today, March the 31st, is the eve of April Fools’ Day, April 1st.

This has a special meaning to me, as I am a Discordian, and I very well know Eris Discordia, the goddess of Internet discourse and all humans honest to themselves, is in one of her endless beguiling guises nothing other than Eve of April Fools.

(I have no idea who the corresponding Adam is. Probably Nyarlathotep. Should probably call Cthulhu and ask.)

Thus a high Erisian holiday today should you take it so; I intend, for in addition to that spectacular sign of cosmic significance, it also happens to be the day when I’ve been born full 28 solar circumnavigations of the Earth. As I believe the youth say, “yay me!”

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