The detached type

I like hamburger more than I like steak.

For some reason whenever a product trumpets “no additives, no preservatives, no dyes!” I tend to sigh a bit and think: “But I would have liked some.”

If something’s billed as “all-natural” or “containing nature’s own Item X”, I blink and mutter to myself “So what? Arsenic’s natural. Nature isn’t a good positive thing. Half of it wants to eat me, the other half doesn’t want to get eaten. I like artificial things better; they at least have a purpose beyond the superficial and selfish charm of what they just happen to be.”

Some people just are the detachment-preferring type, I guess.

* * *

Had a pot of spaghetti on the boil. Watched bubbles ablurp their way up through a knot in the mess of pasta. Thought “Hmm, a weak spot in the pasta. Creates a way up for the upwelling of hot water. Or maybe an upwelling that creates a hole for itself, kinda like volcanic hot spots. Mauna Kea and all that.”

After that thought very quickly adjusted the temperature downwards, just in case I was cooking for a Pompeii.

* * *

Also: dearth of posting due to Easter. So many Jesuses to crucify, etc., always keeps an atheist busy.

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