An addendum to the topic of religion and TV

Got into thinking about my claim that television-watching is the church-going of today, and that that is good; and then noticed what follows.

Haggardian, American Baptist para-Creationist chest-beating Christianity is like the new Battlestar Galactica: a humorless revival of the hoary old thing.

Catholicism is like Star Trek: disquieting amounts of canon material, and a main character — Kirk or Benny 16 — that not all “fans” like, but without which you simply cannot imagine the thing. (Also: “The previous big boss guy was much better…”)

The Westboro Baptist crowd is Plan 9 From Outer Space: seems funny as long as you can ignore the feeling that it is done in all seriousness, with never a smile.

Zen Buddhism is Monty Python, because, what’s the sound of one hand clapping, eh, nudge, nudge?

Jainism is Red Dwarf because, er, um, while I personally haven’t, er, don’t know anything about it I’ve heard about it that it, er, um, exists. Apparently somewhere out there.

Atheism — well, the communal aspect of atheism — is like House: the credo’s all about finding out what is going on, and also steppin’ on toes that need to be stepped on; and the fans are not shy about calling bullshit when the show tries to leave the land of fact.

Hinduism is Saturday morning cartoons: bazillions of half-animal half-godling heroes running round in endless karmic cycles of rebirth and episodic rebooting.

Judaism is I Love Lucy: an old thing that shows its age, but whose fanhood correlates, one would imagine, with general niceness of character… except for those few that just take their fandom to ridiculous extremes. (One can think up and compare Orthodox Judaism and a certain busful of people in the movie Rat Race.)

Islam is Twilight. I offer no explanations because I don’t want to anger the fans of either. Edward/Mohammed 4 ever?

One Response to “An addendum to the topic of religion and TV”

  1. the other anonymous Says:

    Islam is Twilight.


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