Unwise choices, I fear

An unsolicited opinion: if you’re an older male abstinence-type prude, and you need to inform the youth about your opinions… please, don’t describe the resulting website as “my blog on teen sex”. I know it’s accurate, but it doesn’t sound like you want it to sound.

And don’t register it as teensextoday.com; please, just don’t. (“Teen sex today? What, can’t it wait until tomorrow?”) Unless you want to catch the “a few horny random words plus dot com” surfer crowd; and maybe you do.

Also, I realize you want to appear young and in and hip, but with the decisions mentioned above, the pseudonym “Professor George” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

I would say something about the (Cafepress) store whose contents are items, clothes and mugs and the like, with the name of the site printed on them, and nothing more; but I really can’t. (“Really, mom, it is an information site!”)

Then again, the person in question did, as elucidated by St. Colbert, make a few other questionable decisions, too.

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