Bears and colon

Busy having an extended weekend; does not in my case mean a drunken anal sex bender, but rather yapping my head off with my little brothers and doing the performance art called “a six-hour marathon of the uncut version of the anime you loved as a kid back in 199X”; Ginga Nagareboshi Gin or in Finnish Hopeanuoli.

The plot’s a grim giant vendetta of revenge against a nonhibernating, man-eating, one-eyed, Godzilla-sized unstoppable demon bear called Akakabuto; and the contents include hundreds of militant, vicious quarrelsome dogs with peculiar canine logic (the good guys), some more insanely vicious skyscraper-sized killer bears (the bad guys), some ruminations on the eating of human-, dog- and bear-flesh (the phrase “Eat my flesh!” figures), plenty of blood, violence and the horror of blindness, and also two clans of ninja dogs. Also suicide by immolation and a general mood of horribly fatalistic violence. You know, the sort of stuff the good kind of kid entertainment is. Trauma is character-building.

Some more character-building trauma for the 10-year-old: Beetlejuice. Terminator 2. Hulk, the unstoppable mindless killing machine comic version. Pet Sematary. H.P. Lovecraft, every ghost story ever written, and those feckin’ Reader’s Digest Mysteries of the Unknown (or something like) books with their alleged and terrifying ghost photos for the gullible young reader.

* * *

And the following message for the meanwhile is courtesy of the WordPress comment spam blocker:

A wholesome colon is a vital part of a healthy physique.

Wise words, no doubt, but it escapes me how they pertain to a sticky-post about the history of Finland as a part of the Russian Empire.

Unless you want to think of Finland as the colon of the Empire; I’m not quite sure if that is an insult or not. Then again, after the extraction of Finland Russia did acquire the unhealthy bacillus j. stalin — maybe there’s something there. But what’s the independence of Ukraine, a liposuction? And is Tannu Tuva a hairpiece? In which fashion does Russia sit or squat on the world map? Going by how world history has treated certain places, one could make a good case for Poland being pretty close to Russia’s foul, clenching sphincter.

And with that delightful little image, that is all for now.

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