And here’s an excellent song with an excellent video: a parody of a song I’ve never heard, namely Robert Lund’s parody “I’m Everything”, of “Everything” by some Michael Buble.

Partially related, but not particularly about this song: sometimes I am so tired of the same old song subjects popping up again and again that I fall in love with a parody simply because it says something fresh. It would cool my ire a lot just if the serious love songs were more about lesbians, gays, old people, reverse gender roles, sadomasochists, furries, some different desires, of which there are endless legions — but no. Boy, girl, snore. All else is quite rare, or then played for a joke. Ha-ha, people love in a different way; that is hilarious and not to ever be taken seriously. (And don’t say vanilla is what most real romances are — do most books and movies then reflect the majority, too? Is James Bond a stressed accountant, or something alien, exciting and different? Despite much evidence to the contrary, I think most people would love a taste of something different if they got it. Musically, at least.)

Eh, I’m going to hit “play” again, and smile for a while.

(Eh; took a look at the Buble video. It was in all aspects — singing, lyrics, mug, charisma, images — inferior to the one above, if you ask me. To get all philosophical about it, I even like the human insight in Lund’s list of insane self-loving braggadocio more than Buble’s saccharine, smug and old adoration of someone else. Then again, what do I know? That \int x^x\,dx is not expressible with basic functions, and little else.)

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