Some respect

Christian: Jesus was the son of God. Mohammed, while a nice man, was not a prophet of God.

Muslim: Jesus was a prophet, but not the son of Allah. Mohammed was the most important prophet of Allah, ever.

Atheist: Er no, they were both just mortal men, and they’re quite dead now.

C & M: Silence! You must respect our beliefs!

C: Mine especially, since there are so many of us!

M: Mine especially, for I am a part of a minority!

C & M: And don’t dare to bring up those fundamentalists; we aren’t those!

A: So you’re not fundamentalists; doesn’t that mean you are tolerant and all?

M: We are all for peaceful and tolerant coexistence!

C: Yes indeed!

A: So you’re cool with this picture of Mohammed and Jesus naked and —

M: It is hurtful! You’re not allowed to depict my prophet! Certainly not in that fashion!

C: Not my God either! And he’s more buff! Shut up, atheist! Respect us!

A: Wait; I’m supposed to be cool with you telling me there’s a supreme intelligence that personally disapproves of me not submitting to him, and will torture me for all eternity —

M: Well, not exactly.

C: It is more like an eternal attack of Alzheimer’s, Hell.

M: Yes, more or less. And no fun at all.

C: Yes. Definite lack of fun.

A: I’m supposed to be cool with the smug illogic of you people, with the affront of your condescending, pushy blind certainty, with your constant want of exceptions and privileges no other group gets, with being called a sinner, or ridiculed for asking for some fucking evidence for your fucking policy-forming fairytales… or one that is blind, one that will burn, and you… you are in a tiff about a drawing of two people having anal sex? That’s your idea of tolerance?

C & M: But it’s the wrong one being the bottom!

A: What?

C & M: What?

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