Bumpy enslavement

From the comment spam folder:

Thraldom can be unquestionably alluring! It can stun whole’s shrewdness and swop encourage to much happiness and delight. But unwedded high-grade materials can dispense get up to someone past and more than the humansВ’ hot-blooded abilities. You may lean up against strapping bliss apposite looking at our models photographs. Astonishing scenes of bumpy enslavement in gigs of home-made photographs can burden anybody.

After that, the comment quickly devolves into a list of sexual fetishes, each a link to some hit-hungry site.

I have to say that is evocative writing, though it needs a bit of work on clarity. I just don’t know quite what it is meant to evoke. The confusion of puberty, maybe? The primacy of emotion over grammar? The secret passions of a Russian spammer, as filtered through Babelfish and a pirated e-copy of the Oxford English Synonym Dictionary?

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