Bicycled past one of the big university buildings today; saw this sign: “PSYCHOLOGY ENTRANCE EXAM TODAY”, and a room number below.

I was immediately tempted to go find, somehow, somewhere, a yellow two-meter chick (as in, baby chicken) suit, and to go calmly walk among those exiting the exam.

Possibly handing out leaflets of “did you see the gorilla?”, too.

Better still would have been sitting in that suit in the middle of the exam room, scribbling, and making distressed clucking noises.

Or handing out or accepting back the exam sheets, without a word of comment.

Or walking in the early morning tenseness among the young ones waiting to take the exam, in that full chick regalia, yellow and immense, occasionally stopping by a particularly nervous one, and asking…. “Are you feeling all right?”

So this is how my head works.

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